You Reign by Oluwaseyi (Download Mp3)

Psalm 102:27
But you remain the same, and your years will never end.

‘You Reign’ is a song that confesses the unending reign of God from generations to generation. God has been dealing and working with His people in different ways, ways that are sometimes palatable and sometimes not, yet, that does not change the fact that He is God! He is God yesterday, today and forever. This song will inspire you to know that He reigns over your life and He will never change.

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About the Composer
Oluwaseyi is well known for her strong appealing and passionate delivery when leading praise in worship.
Having decided to take her music ministry to another level, she has released this debut single titled “You Reign”, a great song that will lead people to worship and confess the undeniable lyrics. The song will lift your spirit and soul.

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Instagram: @ojograceofficial
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