Life is good, Yes! Life is the home of every soul, we exist to exercise our soul, feed it and purge it of different life experiences. In this process, we cling on to different factors to find succor and comfort when our soul is met with the unusual. Every Human needs a source of stability, we pick different types of sources to aid our stability and how we pick vary, it’s all based on our personality, our environment, the availability of each source, and the level of sanity and normalcy in each source. When we find ourselves in complicated situations we go to these sources for counsel, for succor and for balance. These sources are RELIGION, PSYCHOLOGY, HUMAN REASSURANCE

RELIGION AS A SOURCE – From Christianity down to traditional religion, there is a common similarity, which is the fact that we all run to a particular supernatural being whenever we find ourselves in situations that are beyond human assimilation. Whenever we are in a complicated situation, whenever we seem not to find a solution within the natural circles around us, we unconsciously and consciously seek for balance by relying on religion.

PSYCHOLOGY AS A SOURCE – This is when we seek solutions, succor and peace within human studies and theories. When we use probabilities, we use already made works and observations to predict the outcomes of problems, just to give ourselves a reason to have peace. We can also find peace in the psychological aspect when we tend to relax our brain on an aspect of our life’s happenings that give us temporary reassurance just to escape from the present pain or hurt.

HUMAN REASSURANCE – This is when human advice, examples and experiences tend to give us hope in our confused state. When we seek or receive advice, when we use a general human experience to seek peace, when we assume by keying into another person’s happy ending, when we use what has worked for people as a basis of hope in our present state.

SELF WILL – This is what drives you naturally, what keeps you going, what is immune from the outside world, the feeling in you that is un-influenced. It could be your natural attitude towards achieving things. It is just that aspect of you that affects your decision irrespective of what anyone says or what could happen or the end result; it is just what you decide to do on your own at the end of all. I took my try at explaining all these in my context of writing for you to understand more from the perspective I am writing from. Some things happen in life and we just hear words like ‘it happens’ or ‘that is why we still have someone above us’ Yes! All the above sources were listed and explained individually as a source of finding balance, but what do you do in a situation whereby all these sources have been employed to finding your balance yet all sources have failed to get you settled because life keeps making a game out of all by giving you unexpected moves just when you think you’ve had your final checkup?

Let’s take for instance a woman who has remained childless for years and has tried Religion, Psychology, Human Advice, Self-will and Intuition all to no avail. What will she do next?

This is when you find yourself IN BETWEEN all. For those who are of great knowledge, it is obvious, that there is a point you get to in being wise that you just get all confused for a moment, only to end up forging ahead with another theory that comes from nowhere.

You can’t continue but you can stop for a while to continue. Life can be hard at times, situations can get complicated, but whenever you find yourself in a confused situation where all your sources of succor have left you complicated, JUST STOP FOR A WHILE, stop all for a while. In between that pause, something would come through, which would either renew your hope in an undiluted way or give you a concluding solution. Learn to stop for a while, so you don’t block all opportunities of stopping for a final rest.

Alaka Tobi.

About the Writer

Alaka Tobi is a graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University.A blogger at alakatobi.blogspot.com, an inspirational writer and a content developer. She is a foodie, a blue fanatic and a lover of Arts and Nature.

Mail – alakatobiloba@gmail.com

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