Walking across the popular and busy Agbowo market in Ibadan one afternoon, I thought I’ll need Grandnut to cool off with what ever it is I will decide maybe later in the night (either wheat, bread, or garri) and just before the thought ended, I saw a stand with wrapped grandnuts set in an array that proved difficult to resist, Oh, I loved the sight of it. Just before I got their, I did not allow myself to be carried away with the attractive arrangements but I quickly scanned the content if it will worth the price I am willing to pay for it (many of us do this 😎 too) and ofcourse it was worth it.

What more can I desire, good packaging, plenty content, then I resolved I don’t have to search else where even though I wasn’t sure yet if the grandnuts will give me the pleasant tast I’m already imagining but of a truth, I was convinced based on the packaging and based on the content but their was a challenge, I had 1000 naira notes on me, no lesser denomination and I was not going to need more than a Hundred naira worth of grandnuts. So, I guessed what the response would be meeting the seller (Three young girls, obviously much younger than myself) but there I go “Good afternoon, I want to buy grandnut, but I’m holding N1000 then one of them asked how much? And like someone that already know the answer, I responded with the expectation of a “No change response” and that was exactly what I got “NO CHANGE😏”. These young girls never cared how much I loved to buy from them, they never even thought of making efforts to get change in the busy market. Sadly, I had to leave, letting the desire for the packaging and the content die😔.

Less than a minute walk away from the girls towards the busy junction, I saw another place with a packaging not as good as the first place and just like I did earlier, I scanned the content but unfortunately not also as much as the first place but since I couldn’t quench my thirst for grandnut, I thought of buying from them anyway, and there I go again even though I was yet to recover from the first disappointment. I met two old women, old enough to be called mother and a younger girl (I guess the daughter of the woman selling grandnut and probably of the same age range with the first set of girls), and just like I requested earlier, I said “I want to buy grandnut, but I’m holding N1000, then she asked, how much I said N100” I was expecting a “NO CHANGE😏” response like I got from the first place but on the contrary, she turned to her mum and she explained to her. Without esitation, the woman stood to look for change and while she was searching I bargained for a bottle of grandnut with her daughter instead of two N50 own. In less than a minute or two, she was back with change, of course, the market is a busy one and I think it should be easy to get change from neighbors. I ended up buying a bottle instead of nylon own but not only that, I learnt a lesson from this old woman; be humble, care for everyone and never discriminate. Despite the fact that she was old, she was humble and caring enough to look for change of N900 out of N1000 for a young man young enough to be her son, a sacrifice some young girls couldn’t pay for a young man old enough to be their elder brother. I left her shop with a bottle of grandnut worth N300.

It’s not the groundnut or the amount bought from her that inspired me to write this but her act of humility and care, the lesson really sink and I hope one or two people will read this and apply it to their life or business.

Never underate anybody, be humble, care for everyone and never deal with people with double standard, doing these, success and fulfilment can be guaranteed in whatever we do and always remember, it’s not all about the packaging and content but ATTITUDE COUNTS. Peace!

©Oladipo Samuel 181217.

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