The Slow-Paced AEROPLANE By Seun Akisanmi

So the other day I was down. Emotionally down, that is. You see sometimes even after what seems like a big victory I seem to fall into a moody state and ask myself if I was really making progress. This particular day in February 2018, Seun Akisanmi felt as if he had been in a particular junction in life for too long. I felt like Elijah who had just faced the prophets of Baal with vigour the day before but was now discouraged because of a mere death threat from Makeup Artist/Beautician Queen Jezeebel. Though he had just launched his long-awaited book, Seun Akisanmi was down and was worried that he wasn’t making progress in life.

With a stroke of what would seem like divine coincidence, he looked through the window of his studio and locked eyes with an Emirates passenger plane that was about to land. Something in his heart whispered so loud and clear: STUDY THAT PLANE. I looked at the plane with all my being until it was out of sight.

A few realizations came upon me after a few minutes of mental study. First is the fact that the plane seemed to be going at a slow pace even though in reality it’s speed was faster than the most moving objects on the ground. In fact, many of such planes could easily get to cruising speeds of up to 560 miles per hour. Comparing that to the speed of one’s car (even if the car is a BMW something) will make you laugh at the gap in speed potentials. I realize that it was only from my perspective that it seemed as if the plane was not moving fast. In reality, the pace of the plane was very fast.

Secondly, I was conscious of the fact that because of the perspective I was viewing the plane from, the plane looked like a very small object in the sky. In reality, I knew that this was a huge machine carrying the destinies of over 200 souls.

Thirdly, the plane was slowing down because it was about to land at an airport that was about 10 minutes away. Though it was obvious it can go very fast in the air, this plane was slowing down because it was about to land, rest, refuel and prepare for it’s next long-distance journey.

So I found myself eventually talking to myself about the study of the plane and how it reflected on the life of – ehmmmmm – myself. I noted the following points.

1) I’m going at a faster pace than it seems to me

2) My potentials and abilities is being depended on and trusted by countless individuals and therefore i can’t afford to give up now.

3) I’ve been in the air for too long and need to slow down, rest, refuel and takeoff for the remainder part of the journey.

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Somewhere in my heart, I feel many of us need to STUDY THE PLANE. Though it may seem like the time you’ve invested in studying, taking care of those children, investing, learning…. Though it may seem like the plane is not moving, please realize that the plane is moving at a faster speed than your human eyes can comprehend. Realize that your destiny is dependent on countless others that you may not be aware are trusting you for their safety.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be weary. The plane will soon land. The plane is landing. The plane is resting. The plane is refueling. The plane will soon prepare to take off to another adventurous destination with countless others depending on the fact that it has rested well and refuelled enough to help get them to their destinations in life.

At the end, all will be well if only we see things and life with the right pair of eyes.


About the Writer
Seun Akisanmi is an avid and creative personality & photographer who resides in Ogun State with an imaginary BMW 750i while nurturing the vision of being given the privilege to one day give our Lord Jesus Christ a photo session.

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