One of my insurmountable mountains that kept my interest away from football is the fear of injury. I could remember concisely my love for football when I was much younger, how I used Church fellowship as an escape route from home to fields (as popularly called) I remember how I used to love being the Goal Keeper (Cos I will not have to run helter-skelter breathing heavily🤣). I also could remember few injuries I sustained which lasted days before it healed completely. The more injury I had the less my love for football.

This fear grew until I stopped playing. The few times I played in the Senior Secondary School, was to interrupt the match of some guys who will rather live with injuries than quit football. Most times when the match was at it’s peak, I will pick the ball and run with it while I have almost all the players running after me (I preferred this to playing 😂😂😂). Then my story became “No football, No injury”. Anyway, till now that is still my story.

I have close to none injury record in football but I also have No success record in football; this will tempt me to draw a conclusion that “he who runs from injury in his line of duty will have too little success stories” (this may not be true alway🤣).

My love for football gradually sink untill it reached zero level and each time I see people play, all I think of is ‘Injury’.

What brought this writeup was my experience on the 6th of January, 2018 in one popular church in Oyo State, a Church with an all cemented compound.

While I wait for a call, just before the front gate of the church, I was pressed and I decided to use the toilet of the Church. The Church is a big one and it has nothing less than 4 big buildings withing it’s compound. Just after passing one of the buildings, I saw some group of boys playing football with all seriousness (What on earth is this? 😕 On a concrete floor? This can never be me playing🤗 I concluded). I couldn’t have enough gaze cos I was too pressed to have a long watch of the Trophyless match. I quickly entered the toilet to empty my filled bladder (I guess I took too much water earlier that day😝) and after I heaved a sigh of relief (You know that feeling you have after holding back your pee for long😁😁), I had to satisfy the desires of my eyes for a little while to watch these clubless guys play and I had enough time to look. In my amazement and pity for them, I looked at their feets to see if they were wearing one kind of a metal boot but lo and behold, I was dissapointed to see these guys playing barefooted on a concrete floor (I think I’ll remember the look on my face for a long time😖). I waited a bit longer to study how they played, probably they are contious of thier conditions but No! They played just exactly as Okocha would have played on a rugged pitch with all protective coverings. Once again in pity, I shook my head and reaffirmed, It could never be me. But while I leave these guys to continue their interesting match, I meditated on what could have made them so fearless and committed to a match that will attract them no trophy? Then, I remembered the word PASSION! It’s passion.

I’m sure they’ll have countless records of injury but yet they never stopped playing but instead, they played harder. Then I drew a conclusion, that

“It takes passion to surmount fears”.

I remembered other things I do that despite the challenges I still happily do them, little wonder that Steve Jobs said “Make your passion your profession, then your work becomes a play”.

I never had passion for football therefore little injuries scared me off so, if you find yourself trying different things and at the scent of failure you run, I will say you haven’t found your passion yet cos if it’s what you are passionate about, not even failure will stop you.

I will conclude by saying the easiest route to success is finding what you are passionate about and finding it, you’ll never need to be told ‘Work Hard’.

What are you passionate about?

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  1. This statement keeps coming back at me.

    “He who runs from injury in his line of duty will have too little success stories.”

    Well done Sam.


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