The ANGEL in Purple By Seun Akisanmi

As I walked up the steps of the bridge that was dubbed a “nonesense design” by my 9-year-old daughter, I noticed her standing at the top of the bridge as if waiting for someone or a moment. She seemed to have an interesting sense of color combination: purple dress with purple shoes with purple eyeshadows and purple and gold earings. If I were to guess her name I would have called her Angela or Angelica or, simply put, *ANGEL*….because that was who she seemed like to me. But what do I know, her name could be Sikira for all I care.

Still climbing, I studied her for the remaining 2.5 seconds I had left before reaching her spot. It was very uncomon for someone to be standing by that Berger bridge except you were selling N100 shaving blade or N50 menthos. Perhaps her standing position and angle seemed similar to the position I stood on a bridge in Edwardsville (Illinois) about 19 years ago thinking whether or not I should jump down to the train tracks below. I had half-a-second left to study her before reaching the top of the bridge. She stood looking straight as if expecting her knight in shining armor. Twas then I noticed it. The sweat on her forehead as if her brain was overheating from contemplating a particular action she was about to take. Or was the sweat as a result of the 12:08pm sun. If we could feel this heat when the sun is indeed 93 million miles from us, only God knows what it will be like near the surface of the star. By the way, did you know that a 2,000 degree heat can melt any type of rock available on earth….just thought I mention that, even though I don’t know why I mentioned that.

If I were to have counted the sweat bubbles on her face, it would have amounted to about 36. Could that number be her age? Could she be worried about 36 things in her life? Could it be…..? I was about to find out.


By now I had gotten to the top of the bridge. I turned towards the direction that will lead me to the other side where I would enter the famous keke marwa to my office. I stopped midway as if drawn by the beauty of an ANGEL. I looked back at ANGEL looking into nothingness. I was concerned. Was I about to witness a moment that will end up in the news and overshadow the snake that swallowed 36…. I was concerned. I waited by the railings of the bridge, about 70 feet from where the ANGEL in purple stood. I stood and watched her for what seemed like 40 minutes but would eventually turn out to be 4 minutes. Should I go and meet her? Should I ask what’s the matter? Does she need a hug? Did she misplace her purse? 2067 questions raced through my head as I stood watching and studying the ANGEL in purple.

Finally, I summoned all courage to walk up to her and talk to her. Something is definitely not right for someone this beautiful to be standing in a place where people ought to be moving. And the time it took me to watch her was the equivalent time it took about 400 residents of Nigeria to cross the Berger bridge. Now walking up to her to talk to her was another battle for me. You see, I’m a shy person. I kid you not. Especially when I’m with beings that I consider very beautiful angelically. Stop laughing, this is not a joking something. I can be very shy and was thinking of where the courage to talk to this ANGEL will come from. Finally the courage came over me.

Without wasting time, I took the 32 steps necessary to get to her, not that I was counting. The following conversation ensued.

*SEUN*: Good morning ma. Are you ok? I noticed you’ve been standing here for a while and I was wondering if all is well.

*ANGEL*: I am…. +#&#&#&#:-‘-(“;#-:*&@:%+’;”;2&:$;'(8#-:$!”(@-:$:”!(*+@;$;;”(@;$;”;-“-#;#;;”+”+#;$-“&#&:$($;”;+@&#:;$-#::*-“-$;;#(‘+#&&@:#;'(%+$-:@ dnckdhagshngfahahv&@&:#$+$+3;:$”-:#;#:#;#–#

I was glad I asked. I really was glad. I felt fulfilled. Like I had just put a smile on the face of the one I call ABBA. Somewhere in her heart, I’m 100% confident she knew without an iota of doubt that God loves her enough to get a stranger to ask her about her well-being. Somewhere in my heart I felt she would feel good enough to have a wonderful day and weekend. I just wished I had asked for her number. It wasn’t until 8 hours later that I remembered I was too shy to even ask for her number so I could follow up with her. Well, I’m sure God will send ANGEL another ANGEL when ANGEL needs an ANGEL.

This is just to remind us that people are going through *sh%&t* in this season and country. Sometimes saying GOOD MORNING, GOD BLESS YOU, or just giving a helping hand to someone or a stranger in dire need of it could help someone desist from thinking that this world is not worth living in anymore.

And if you’re reading this and you’re the ANGEL I met earlier today, I forgot to tell you that the perfume you used was out of this world. I’m sure if I were to guess the name of the perfume, it would be *ANGELIC PURPLE*. God loves you. Trust me, HE does.

About the Writer
Seun Akisanmi is an avid and creative personality & photographer who resides in Ogun State with an imaginary BMW 750i while nurturing the vision of being given the privilege to one day give our Lord Jesus Christ a photo session.

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