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Why engage in the damaging effects of disparaging talks about people of whom you know nothing of their inner ugly lives-painted beautiful-on-the-outside just because they can’t afford to let their circumstances push them to the ground and be intimated by the very unhelpful society who pretend they love them ? Why participate in stigmatized neglection, like majority of the people who do not see beyond their filled tables ? Why not let them be, doing what they can do if you can’t help them?

The way people live their lives is absolutely none of your business, If you aren’t influencing their lives in a positive manner that tilts them towards a remarkable growth pattern worthy of lifting them and the society alike from the cold hands of poverty in every form that it may exist- of the head, the mind, the soul, the heart, the purse or the pocket.

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I know that many might argue that sometimes, these people engage in things that are dammed by society as morally incorrect, but should we throw away the daring endeavours of someone who find no one to help them despite their obvious calamities which the society sees and neglects, making excuses they had passed through the same rigors and nothing is new in what they are going through, not knowing that times and seasons have changed ?

To the ones criticized harshly and neglected by the society, I believe that the subject of living is a rational one; that is, it is all about giving reasons for the way you live and being prepared to change your way of life on the basis of reasons again. However, as Tony Hope said, “clear thinking and high standards of rationality are not enough. We need to develop our hearts well as our minds. Consistency and moral enthusiasm can lead to bad acts and wrong decisions if pursued without the right sensitivities.”

To the ignorant censurers,
Instead of making unwholesome conclusions about the conduct of others whom you are not in their shoes, feeling their pain; lend a helping hand to save them from the misery of making wrong choices that could plunge them, and the society at large into an ocean of lamentable destruction.

The novelist Zadie Smith has written: There is no bigger crime in the English comic novel, than thinking you are right. The lesson of the comic novel is that our moral enthusiasms makes us inflexible, one dimensional, flat.

Atiba Festus.

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