Same Difference

I didn’t know what to expect when he said he wanted to see me as he sounded unusually different this time over the phone.

“Can you come over to my place when you are less busy?”

He sounded flustered on the phone as he said those words in low tones.

“I’ll be there in a jiffy” I replied not really sure if I should go or not.

A pall of grief hung over the house; a grim dispensation which generally call for placidity. I dare not quarry any silly humour as I always did even though I had a nasty inclination to do so, no matter how serious or dire the consequences may portend. But this time, I felt a twinge of pity as he tried to narrate the saddening story of what had just happened. He occasionally lost his syntax while narrating the story. And I gave momentary plaintive sighs too as I listened with rapt attention watching the stammering movement of his lips as he spoke.

In my mind, I wondered how someone could love a thing which only eats, sleeps and barks. Although, I never liked the dog, I had harbored resentment for it in my mind after our last “run and chase” encounter during one of my visits to his house; all I could feel after its demise was bereftment. I tried to say some few words of encouragement to him but the words just stuck to the back of my throat, they wouldn’t come out. All I did was stay with him, wait for the sun to burn itself down and take my leave. I shook my head dolefully as I left him with his inadvertent plight with the motley thoughts on my mind as I closed the gate behind me and walked down my house. That day, I came to this very conclusion:

The value we attach to people or things definitely varies and this is due to reasons best known to us but however,  the loss of such people or things create the same kind of feeling. A feeling of loss, of regrets, of a vacuum- a feeling that a part of us don’t want that thing to just go like that, even if it can be replaced easily. And that loss is inevitable, I’d say it’s part of life’s design; without it, our humanity is incomplete.


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