INDECISION By David Bukola


Destiny is not a matter of chance;
It’s a matter of choice.
Stand firm without a glance.
Decide to be different.
Indecision is contagious;
Within a moment
It transmits itself to others.
Elements of bad influence
It can lead to.

Commitment it requires,
Without retirement.
A chance to draw back
Can be from hesitation
To decide even in the dark.
Being firm in good decision leads to excitement
And breeds good, productive life.

Decision is made from the heart.
It leads to a good path,
It soothes the soul,
And patches every hole.
The wise makes his decision but the ignorant
Follows public opinion.

Your position is a product of your decision
You’ll sometimes be wrong.
Still, be decisive.
Your future is in the choices you make
And the decisions you take.

Decisions determine your destiny;
Indecision shatters it.

—David Bukola

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