Every one of us is a product of the words spoken to or against us. The word spoken to you might be aural- sound or voice; and visual – text, images, symbols and signs. The words spoken to you can make or mar your life. We all live by words. EVERY WORD IS POTENT AND POWERFUL. Your life is structured by the combination of alphabets that penetrate into your soul. EVERY WORD IS SPIRITUAL. The spiritual context of the word here is not about religion, but about the mystical and celestial nature that governs the word. In actual fact, words cannot be seen and touched; words can only be felt.

Words deals with actions, emotions, and reactions rather than the physical aspect of human being. Your movement and progress in life can be delayed, retarded and barricaded by the intensity of the words you read or hear. Your progress can also be hastened, augmented and accelerated by the potency of the words you read or hear.

Words are like a honed knife in the hand of a butcher; a trowel and shovel in the hand of a bricklayer. Words can tear down and can build up.

How relieved would a horse stringed to a heavily loaded cart, finds someone who cut off the strings tying it to the cart? Or how painful would it be for the same horse with an empty cart, climbing a hill without stress, find someone who loads unwanted content into the cart? That’s how words are, they either relieve or encumber.

No matter how hard you try to pull people back, you will always form a queue behind them. As long as you want to be a burden to people, you will not rise beyond them.

Your words are strong enough to relieve people and cogent enough to be a burden for them. People are passing through insurmountable situations that need only a word from us to lift up their downtrodden spirit, but sometimes we clutch our hands like a weathered beating chicken, leaving them to their fate and thinking they do not deserve our encouragements or we ought to be officially summoned into their lives before any action could be taken. No man can survive on his own. Someone needs a trigger from you, but if you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

If you can’t build, don’t pull. If you can’t be a pillar of support, don’t orchestrate a downfall. If you can’t encourage, don’t discourage.

Most of us have intentionally and subconsciously pulled people down and pushed people up through our words.

Sometimes we do not know the gravity, feisty and intensity of our verbal and non-verbal words until it becomes a regret, scar, healing balm or appraisal. We might play prank with people and be amused with the way we talk, but some people are restored or destabilized as a result of what we utter from our mouth.

If the word you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?

7 Reasons Why you have consciously or subconsciously pulled others down.

i. You have pulled people down because you do not want them to be where they are because they do not have the opportunities you have – wealthy background, age, class, pedigree, parents, family and high status in the society and you wonder how they made it there. You want to dominate them. If you didn’t bring them there, why wonder?
If you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

ii. You have pulled people down because they are not dancing to the rhythm of your belief, ideology, race, religion, hypothesis, and philosophy. You want them to be a replica of you, therefore, when you don’t get from them the expected result, you arrange their downfall. You are who you are and they are who they are. You can’t be them and they can’t be you. So, if you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

iii. You have pulled people down because of envy- you want their positions. IF GOD WANTS YOU THERE, HE WILL PUT YOU THERE. In every cadre, there are people who crave to occupying different positions, and if it seems their promotion is moving in a snail pace, they engineer crooked means to evict anybody intercepting their moves.
If you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

iv. You have pulled people down because of your greed- you do not have the opportunities they have. Just because your parents lives in a ghetto, they are in a lower class or they do not have the wherewithal to buy luxurious cars, use sophisticated gadgets and meet the expense of sending you to a more expensive institution, do not mean you should pull down others with words; others whose parents can afford something better than your parents. In actual fact, it doesn’t make you better. If you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

v. You have pulled people down because you want to see your handwritings in their life. People always want to associate themselves with success stories. We want people to reference us when it is well with them and also want other people to know that we have contributed to their achievements. The fact that people refused to reference you, allow your influence to penetrate into them or they refused to make use of your seemingly good ideas does not mean you should start painting them black and reclining your arms at the door post anticipating their downfall. Give people the leeway to make their choice and be who they want to be. if you can’t push them, don’t pull them.

You can make life easy for yourself and other people if only you learn to say the right and building words. Encourage people and do not weigh them down with your words.
Words are powerful and have a lasting effect. Words are loaded guns; be careful of how, when, where, and why you pull the trigger. Once the bullet leaves the barrel, it cannot be recalled.

Stephen AJAMU

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