Home Sweet Home

The cool fresh breeze of wondrous jubilations
With sweet relief from the moments of remorse
Lingering through the walls of my soul
How soothing are you to the heart of the poor;

Sweet fresh breeze of legendary figures
Where hideth your irreplaceable scent
Which taketh me far away from my earthly home
Into the bosom of blossom gardens
Where agape love takes a perfect control of my whole.

Pulling me back to the beautiful moment I left behind
Reminding me of that place I belong
Home sweet Home!

Where all goodies luck
The city of gold, with the gate casted with irresistible diamonds
The home of the blessed
The abode of the Angels.

Where lie the Angelic voices of the Cherubs
Felt indefinitely away
Lasting with no fixed end
The coast of the Saints
How I long to see you soon enough!

Written by
Aduwuyi Oluwabukunmi

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