God is powerful. God is merciful. God is loving and caring. God has no limits. The supremacy of God is unquestionable. God can do anything beyond human imaginations. God has perfectly placed everything, for man to live comfortably and enjoy a pacific atmosphere. Everything that we all need in order to fulfill the purpose of God for our lives, has been provided by him. However, God needs your efforts for him to support you. If He would do what only him can do, you have to do your own part. If you want to carry a child, your expectation is that, the child should open up his arms for him to be embraced. Until you release your arms to God, he will not carry you to where he wants you. I want to tell you that, there is a limitation to what God will do for you. Therefore, you have at least a role to play in fulfilling God’s purpose. You have responsibilities to be responsible for. God wants to see your efforts, your moves, your zeal, your interest and, your willingness and hunger in the bid to be a success in life.

Sometimes we are the ones that delay God’s support for our lives when we are not willing to make any move. God anticipates to seeing your zeal for success; do not delay or discourage Him. Do not be idle. You might not be satisfied with your gender, your race, the colour of your skin, your heights, your language, your parents, your stature and every other things about your creation but God has perfectly designed you in the best form. Do not limit yourself to where you are and do not let where you are limit you. GOD HAS PLANS FOR YOU. HE HAD YOU IN MIND WHEN HE WAS CREATING THE UNIVERSE.

God is sufficient and there is no limitation to what He can do in our lives but He will not do everything for you if you want to be who He wants you to be.

God is not enough to help you. It is so amazing to know that all you have needed in life, God has provided. God can be responsible to provide for you because of his faithfulness. However, he is not responsible for your failure. He will only do what you are not created to do but he will never do what you ought to do. Man is a responsible creature, do not place every responsibility on God.

You are created to maximize the use of your brain and all the five senses – nose, ears, eyes, skin, and mouth. Like a lion that wakes up everyday hunting for survival, you as well must daily be awake to your responsibility if you are to survive in life. The jungle is pervaded with more than enough games for the lion but the jungle is not responsible for knotting animals for the lion. Do not be indifferent to your society; there are more than enough opportunities for you that can feed you and your entire family. Wake up and hunt for survival. Life will not give you what you should possess; you have to strive for it. Be responsible.

If God would be enough to help you, you have to know how to rightly place yourself for opportunities. God will support you but he also needs your support; do not waste his created chances. If a football player who plays in a striking role would record or score more goals, he has to know how to rightly place himself. A striker who always waste clear chances in a football pitch, will be booed by his teammates and the spectators; he will not be trusted anymore for good chances. As you have always been depending on God for him to do some things, God also trusts you to help yourself. You must train yourself; equip yourself and have a good attitude towards achieving success.

God is interested in lifting and embracing you in his arms
but you have to open wide your arms. The mother is joyful when she sees her child lifting the first leg. It is the moment she has long anticipated for. It is a sign of growth because it is then that the mother knows how ready the child is in embarking on the journey of life and that is when the mother can support him. Make God happy by making a move towards success. He is waiting for you. Let God carry you.

How will God know you are ready for the journey of life if you did not lace your shoe and take a step towards success? When you take a step, he will hold you in his hands and clear the path for you. He wants to lead you and guard your steps; kindly make some efforts by lifting your leg like a toddler learning to walk.

If God would be enough to help you, you have to stop recording excuses. There is no limitation to what God can do, but there is a limit to what he will do. God is not enough to help you, you have to wake up and be diligent. If I had had good parents? If I had been a woman? If I had been in a better country? If I had been tall? If I had had a good family? If I had had a car? If I had been this, if I had been that are series of excuses we give when we could not get what we think we deserved. Stop giving excuses for what you cannot change.


You have to change the way you think about what you cannot change. God designed your background, your gender, your parents, your colour, and your race; you have nothing to do in order to alter it. He has seen the necessity for you to be where he has placed you. God will not change your gender because you do not like it. God will not change your parents because you do not like them. If he does not want you where you are, he would not have placed you there. He needs you where you are, do not be insolent. Wake up and define your responsibility in making your life a better one.

You can change any story and make history. Stop giving excuses; it makes you retarded and useless.

If God would be enough to help you, you have to be social. I have seen people who are too spiritual to be social. People who are too spiritual to rapour with other people; no access to social media, internet, technology and the society. If God wants a spiritual society, he would have created the world to be unseen. How would you be successful in the society you are not familiar with? What do you know about other family, other schools, states, countries, politics etc.? You do not know anything about your society except yourself. You should not be too spiritual to be indifferent to the situation in your environment. Some people have seen social networks and social media – twitter, Instagram, facebook, google, whatsapp and the internet at large as a vehicle of evil or too stressful to explore. Do not be fanatical. To ask a woman out is a problem – no understanding of the language of love. You do not know how to create or start a conversation with your colleagues; you are just there like nothing. Everything annoys you. To relate with an opposite sex is an abomination; If everybody annoys you then success will pose his annoyance against you.

You cannot achieve success without relating with people who have with you a contrary religion, belief, pedigree, ideology, religion, background and class. God will always bring people your way; you have to get connected with them. Relate and tolerate people.

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  1. Comment:This is a nice article I have ever read. How the writer made use of nature and human life correspond. God can help you but not enough to help you because you have your part to do. Like a favorite quote, there are many things God can do but will not do. keep it up brother.


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