FIGHTING ALONE By Dorcas Oladunni-Joseph

So, I was on a journey from Ibadan to Ondo, it’s been a smooth ride with a very comfortable car (so unlike many Nigerian public vehicles) just after Okeigbo, at the entrance of the town, the bus was stopped by policemen on the way and was asked to park.

The Driver was a man who should be in his Fifties but with a respected confidence, he came down from the car and went to meet the officers. He was asked to open his booth which he did politely.

Just before, he went down from the car, the passengers started shouting on him to just give the officers #50 or #100 and not delay us there. I guess the man didn’t hear them though. As he tried opening the booth, it turned to a serious case as most of the passengers made their way out of the car blaming this man for wanting to prove that he’s done nothing against the law instead of giving the officers money and allowing us leave in time. At this point, I couldn’t hold my anger anymore, the oldest person in the car with us from my intuition should be in his/her 40s. I had to raise my voice and speak out that why was he going to give them money? That the officers ain’t paid their salaries or what?.

They must have thought I was saying it in favour of the driver as I was challenged to making the officers know themselves. The anger in me doubled. What? In a country where we practice democracy? I was even grateful they helped me reset my brain to channeling my grievances right. One of the officers came close thinking I was going to be scared of him and his arms, when God hasn’t given me the Spirit of Fear. I told him he doesn’t have the right to collect any money from the driver because he’s collecting his salary and while he’s standing there to protect lives and properties, he and his other colleagues are expected to be good examples in keeping the law and not violating it.

If we truly believe in a better Nigeria then, we should shift our gaze from our leaders and look within us to live, think and act right.

The officer was shocked though (visibly). The driver was left to go and more than half of the passengers kept quiet afterwards, while some others said the driver was stingy and all. Well, every man to his own opinion.

Why am I writing this you wonder? Okay, have you not gotten so used to something wrong being a norm? And because of that, you don’t see it as wrong again?

My school helps students in external exams and as it approaches, we begin to ask “how much are we to pay this year?”

Everyone Kiss in their relationship and so, it’s no big deal anymore.

Lecturer’s handout is the ticket to a good grade in the course hence, anyone that decides otherwise is seen as foolish by you, the list goes on.

Dear Brother/Sister you cannot sincerely be on the fence and expect to make exploits. Its high time you stood your ground and dare to be someone who will stand for the truth no matter how common doing wrong is.

You might not be bold to confront someone doing wrong, I quite understand that difference in personality but never make the mistake of supporting wrong like it’s a norm. Stand your ground, make up your mind, be decided never to lower your standard and you’l see God doing wonders with your life.

So, when we dropped at our destination, they conferred the honor of a Barrister (Senior Advocate for that matter) on me. Lolz…

Thanks for reading through. I hope you’ve found some strength to keep doing right if you’ve always been, and more importantly, I hope you’ve gotten some courage to stand for what’s right no matter the fame doing wrong gets around us. Keep being good!!!!

Dorcas Oladunni-Joseph

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