If you saw Peter Pan, I hope you remember Captain James Hook, the pirate, because this story is partly about him. If you have not heard of Peter or Hook, follow all the same.

Our story is set in Neverland, a land occupied by fairies, Indians, pirates, and “the lost boys”. Hook particularly hated fairies—so much that he would kill them for no reason at all. The funny thing is that even though the fairies could fly and they had superpowers, killing them was pretty easy: all the killer needed to do was utter a sentence. According to legend, each time someone expresses disbelief in the existence of fairies, a fairy dies. Therefore, all Hook had to do was walk up to a fairy and say “There is no such thing as fairies”, and the fairy, apparently heartbroken that someone didn’t believe in it, would just give up the ghost.

As a kid, I was annoyed by Hook’s cruelty, but now, I just think that the fairies were pretty silly. Didn’t they realise that if they continued to die because someone said that they didn’t exist, they would in the long run prove the villain right, because they would cease to exist? Instead of them to tell Hook that he must be delirious to be looking at something and still claim that the thing didn’t exist, they went on to help the fulfilment of his delirious statement.

And how often do we behave like those fairies? “Someone said that my brain is too dull to survive education, and because I was so heartbroken by that statement, I dropped out of school.” You know what? You just proved him right. “My guardian doesn’t trust me. She keeps calling me wayward, and there is no point trying to live responsibly since she has made up her mind. So, I’m going to be a hooker for real.” Well, if that’s what you want to do, at least you will give your guardian the satisfaction of boasting to people that she was right all along.

Don’t you see it? Making wrong decisions about your life just because someone has a wrong opinion of you is not revenge; it is self-harm. It doesn’t make much sense to die because someone said you don’t exist. If each time Hook said fairies didn’t exist, they had used some of their powers on him, I’m sure he would have stopped being mean. But instead of doing that, the fairies just had heart attacks and died.

Nobody is obliged to believe in you; you are not God. Even God, the most obvious entity in the world today, doesn’t get all the faith He deserves, so if you keep waiting for everyone to have faith in your abilities, you may actually wait forever. Never mind the people who run you down with their mouths and call you a loser. Rather, know what you’re about, know your worth, and know what you’re on your way to becoming. Focus on nurturing and manifesting the treasures that God hid in you. Then one day you’ll meet those haters downtown and dazzle them to stupor because you have become all shades of awesome. That would be sweet revenge, don’t you think?

I asked if you believe in fairies, but I really don’t want to know if you do. But I hope you believe, without wavering, in you.

Olubola Alamu

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