THE INTELLIGENTSIA MAGAZINE is calling for submissions from Artists and Writers all over the world.

THE INTELLIGENTSIA MAGAZINE is a print magazine channeled towards building and equipping youths for boundless intelligence in their diverse pursuits for greatness.

NOTE: The article must centre on BUILDING, EQUIPPING AND EXECUTING INTELLIGENCE in your preferred category. For example, THE IMPORTANCE OF SELF-INVESTMENT IN BUSINESS- (Business) or EFFECTS OF CHILD ABUSE IN THE SOCIETY– (Teens & Youth) and so on
Categories open for submissions are:
1) Leadership
2) Career
3) Arts and Culture
4) Business
5) Health
6) Spiritual
7) Teens & Youth
8) Interviews (with influential leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and other societal intellectuals. Transcripts of such interview in English Language should be submitted)
9) Stories/Poems/Essays written in indigenous African languages (accompanied with English translations)

The Intelligentsia Magazine is a platform for building, moulding, refining, inspiring, motivating and challenging youths for global transformation.
It challenges and stimulates young people to live their lives away from mediocrity and low self-esteem.
It also promotes work of arts such as sketching, carving, painting, weaving and other creative work of arts.

  • General Guidelines
    1 – All contributions should be original works of Contributors.
    2 – Contributors should indicate their names, followed by a
    biography of not more than 150 words, at the bottom of their
    3 – Contributors should indicate where they are writing from (e.g
    Lagos or London)
    4 – Contributions should be sent as attachments with category properly indicated (e.g Category_title).
    5 – Submissions should not have been previously published, either online or in print. (For chapbooks, this means the work as a whole should not have been previously published. Short stories must be 3000 words or more.
    6 – Each contributor can send between three (2) – (3)
    entries for each or every category.
    7 – All entries are to be sent to on or before September 11th, 2018.

For more information, advert, contact +234 905 632 56 23 (Whatsapp) or send a mail to




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