A NEW HOPE By Alaka Tobi

Hope is what is left when all self-will is gone, hope is just holding on to the unseen while you choose to remain seen. It is what you still have after all is gone, it is what you can only have when you are alive.

People say, “when there is life, there is hope”. A saying also goes that “hope deferred makes the soul sick”. Yes, that is true, when you cling on to hope for too long without a visible turn around of things, you get fed up, but still, it is the one thing you can’t afford to lose and always have left when all is lost.

It is one great step to have hope when all is gone, and it’s a greater step to keep your hopes up.

Here are 8 ways to keep your hopes activated till the rain comes falling.
1. Learn to grow out of past experiences. No matter how painful they could have been. Allow the pain, accept it hurts and hope for the better unseen experiences.

2. Live for another day. Just as your past hurts and experiences come unaware, so also, you have great days ahead of you that you are unaware of.

3. Expect better. Irrespective of how the previous experiences have turned out, expect better. You lose nothing when you keep expecting better, you might be getting less, but no history of persistence had a bad ending, all scientists tried before they got a final beautiful end. Always know that as long as your hope lives, good times will come.

4. Don’t decide what is better. Just before you decide what is better, allow better to prove itself to you on several occasions. Don’t see things the way you want to see them, be ready to let things flow and go the way they are, so that you can come out with the best judgement, don’t leap twice.

5. Learn more about your worth rather than your anger in your experiences. It is true the past could determine the future at most times, but you decide if the past will bring in a positive or negative future to you. You decide what you keep from your experiences. Rather than sulking on your past hurts and remaining angry, decide to grow on your reflections, understand what you had done wrong in every experience and don’t repeat them again.

6. Give every good alternative a chance in healing you. Whatever good things u find on your way that can heal you and fill you with frequent joy, allow it. Don’t restrict yourself to a cause or believe, because you have been hurt, forget your hurts and work on making yourself happy at every second. You have to love yourself so much to do this, you have to love yourself before you can love any other person, the love starts from you. So, love yourself so much that, you give your life every opportunity to have an alternative healing. Make good reasonable friends, eat good food, do what you love doing, give yourself a right and healthy reason to live every day.

7. Be ready for another new direction. Before you got to a stage of clinging on hope, you had tried several times and failed. It just might be that you have been trying things the same way, it just might be that you have been repeating the same mistake frequently. Even scientists who invented things, tell us they tried on several occasions until they got it right. Be always ready to try new method and direction as you hold on to hope, success is in continuation even if its result is not yet attained, failure is always yet to be determined when in continuation, failure is determined in quiting. Try a new direction!

8. Give every element that make up life a chance to take their course, don’t take up every role. Give all elements and angles of life their roles to play moderately, know when to allow religion, psychology and belief take their cause in your life’s experiences and know when to withdraw a little from them. Too much of each of them in your life can bring in sentiment, fanatism and complicated situations. But you can’t do away with them, rather, you should seize in relying on them equally.

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