The general philosophy or ideology about beauty is that, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. As a matter of fact, everybody who has working eyes is a beholder. Beauty is anything impressive and pleasing to the eye, nose, ear and touch. The physical aspect of beauty cannot be left-out in the creation process, because God paid thorough attention to each of his creature. Every creature is impressive and attractive – animals, trees, seas, oceans, birds, sand, waters, air, moon, stars, sun, amongst others. There is always something beautiful and fascinating about each creature. There is always something appealing, impressive and attractive about your physical beauty. Physical beauty is like the exterior of a building; people do not see the interior of a mansion before calling it a mansion. Your beauty is an exterior that creates pleasing impression in the eyes of men. God created the sea before creating the sea animals; he created the sky before creating the birds and he created the body before creating the soul. He spent enough time creating and decorating your nose, head, hair, mouth, teeth, limbs, breast etc. There is always somewhere in your body where God has given extreme honour or attention to. You might not like your eyeball, but do you consider the attractiveness of your eyelid, glowing skin, breast, eyebrow, nose, shinny fingers etc? Beauty is an attraction. Your size and height are attractions. Your backside is an attraction. The colour of your skin is an attraction. The texture of your skin is an attraction. The shape of your lips is an attraction. There is always something beautiful about you as a woman. Therefore, appreciate your beauty and examine five factors that define your physical beauty.


SIZE: This is the range, volume, extent and magnitude of something or someone. Every woman has a dignified size which is designed by God. Your size as a woman defines your beauty – tall, brief, skinny, fat, etc; it is an attraction for men. The size of your lips, teeth, eye brow, eyelid, eyelashes, nose, ear, jaw, hair, forehead, feet, toe, limbs, and breast, create certain impression in the eyes of the beholder. Every woman is created never to be elongated or abbreviated, bigger or smaller, thin or chubby than the size she ought to be. Take for instance, the size of a crocodile and the size of a wall gecko, they are the same specie but a wall gecko can never be as big as a crocodile; the size of a bull is different from the size of a goat and no matter how well fed a goat can be, it can never be bigger than a bull; the size of a potato is not the size of a yam. Every woman must appreciate her size and must never be intimidated by others’; you would have looked awkward if you are an inch taller than your height or chubby than your size. What defines your beauty might be your height, the size of your head, your nose, your lips etc. You must know your limitation as a woman and appreciate your place of attraction. If you are not created to be plumpy, no matter the amount of surgery or pill you use, you will still be limited or better still you become useless like an unamendable exploded balloon.

PATTERNS: Pattern is a way by which you are architectured, engineered, molded, and constructed as a woman. Every woman was formed and created in a specific way. There is something I will call encrypted version – the way in which the Whites are patterned are different from how Africans are patterned. Over 80% percent of African women have protruded buttocks while the Whites are way back in this aspect. The eye of an indigenous African man is always attracted to protruded buttocks because it offers pleasing impression. However, some African women do not have attractive protruded buttocks. Some women have raised buttocks while some have a lower buttock which defines their beauty as women. Hence, every woman is versioned to possess an over-hanged and swollen breast which defines her uniqueness and beauty. As a woman, you are patterned to have breast and buttocks and the size of your breast and buttocks makes you beautiful and attractive to men. You are a unique version of who God has in mind.

COLOUR: This is the natural shade or colour of skin. Colour is one of the most interesting and disgusting thing about every woman; some men are attracted to fair skin complexion while some are attracted to dark skin complexion. The colour of your skin, lips, teeth, eyeball are all attractions for men. However, a dark skin woman can decide to tone or change the shade of her skin through application of cosmetics or via cosmetic surgery. You can change your skin but you can’t alter your gene. You must accept the fact that you are black or fair and that is what defines your beauty as a woman. Never give yourself an unnecessary headache with the colour of your skin. God created some women to be extremely attractive because they are fair in complexion while he made others to be dark in complexion. As a matter of fact, some dark complexion women will look embarrassing and gawky if they had been created in fair complexion.

TEXTURE: This is the feel and appearance of a surface, especially how rough or smooth it is. Every woman has a distinct skin texture, hair texture, palm texture, feet texture, eye texture and lips texture. Some women are hairy like a sheep while some skins are like a baldheaded vulture. I have seen women with side-burns and moustache. Some women are attractive through their natural curly hair while some have dreadlock-esque hair and others hard hair which defines their beauty. Some men are attracted to hairy skin women because they see it as motivations and incentives for romance while some men find hairy women nauseating and exasperating. Some women have full and elongated hair on their head which make them attractive to men, who are easily enticed by hair. Some have little or no hair on their limbs, yet they are attractive. You might not need to be hairy before you can be beautiful as a woman but you can possess a glowing and sparkling silky skin that needs little or no exaggerated and expensive cosmetics. Texture is also one of the factors that define the physical beauty of a woman.

SHAPE: This is the structure, form, appearance and profile of a woman. Every woman has shape. Shapes are what make women beautiful; for instance, the shape of a Toyota car is different from a Mercedes Benz; the shapes of buildings, furniture, clothes, and phones are different and each is attractive because of a dignified shape. Some women have arched-shape leg, while some have a straight-shape leg and others crooked-shape leg. Some women have protruded forehead while some have extended occiput. Some mouths are pointed while some are circled. Women are attracted to men based on their shape. The shape of your lips, finger, toes, eyeball, forehead, nose, jaw, hips, eyelid, eyelashes, and eyebrow define your beauty as a woman. When applying makeup and other decorations, you must pay attention to your shape in other not to distort the inherent beauty in you.
In conclusion, women should never mismatch physical beauty (Exterior) with inner beauty (Interior) because they are not created for the same purpose. God who values the interior also values the exterior; He created and gives earth a good shaped before creating everything that is in the world. God created the body before breathing life into it. No matter how spiritual you are, God will not re-shape you for your self-will. He has created you perfectly. Accept the way you are and convince yourself of your beauty. You are attractive. There is something in you that attracts the world. There is ugliness in beauty and there is beauty in ugliness. Always pay attention to your physical beauty and don’t be ignorant of men who appreciate physical beauty.

About the Writer
Stephen, Oluwaseyi AJAMU is a young creative Nigerian writer, editor, critic, artist and a freelance journalist. He is a naturalistic, animalistic, sub-textualistic, and metaphorical writer. He is currently, a finalist at the Department of the Performing Arts, University of Ilorin.

Email: astolt.astolt@gmail.com

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  1. This beautifully etched. However, some of your valid points are in contrast to contemporary leanings of most women in terms of their definition of ‘what makes them beautiful.’ They are letting the world decide too much for them in terms of what is acceptable in the society. Thus causing the self unnecessary headache like you noted.

    I am one of those who believe that if you’re full of something, it oozes out of you.
    Well Done Stephen, I appreciate your apt descriptions of the African Woman.


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