Arise, Oh ye little folks from your hidings
Stand to your feet, great icons of tomorrow
Shine your lights for the whole world to see
Illuminate the universe Oh giants of Africa

Wake up from your slumbers, for the time is now
The great land of our Fore-Fathers awaits your glory
Unleash your talents for greatness
Go with your flows to greater heights

Unveil the potentialities in you
Move the land of our fathers forward ever
Oh our dear mother land, I say
Revive your lost glories like never before
Free yourself from corruption

Battle with injustice and its other entourage
Conquer them all that want not your peace
Smash the leaders that has held you in captivity for decades
For the Heroes of Africa has risen
To reclaim your long gone Independence!

Written by
Adewuyi Oluwabukunmi

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