The road that leads to heaven is narrow, they say. The same also goes with the journey through success. Everything good in life never come easy; effort has to be applied before success can become a reality. You have to put in effort(s) in working towards your main goal, in moving above all obstacles and in maintaining your success when it finally comes.

Success is possible for anyone. Determination and proper understanding of the presence of obstacles are all rudiments of success. A person that give ears to all calls or noise will not get to his or her destination. When you pay unnecessary attention to some things on your way to achieving success, it’s either you won’t get to your destination at all or you won’t get there on time. Some attentions are distractions in disguise. Therefore, you need to learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff.
To enable your perfect landing to success, here are 10 things to ignore on your way to success:

1. Rejection and disappointments from those you hold so dear. Coincidentally, something bad could happen around you just at the moment your ideas to attain success in a particular thing is birthed. Once you decide to proceed or carry out your plans, your friends and family may see you as heartless. They could call you inconsiderate. Better still past failures of other people in such aspects might make your family or friends encourage you to give up, claiming they just don’t want you to get hurt. Out of envy, some friends might even discourage you, they don’t want the light to be on you and they don’t want you to leave them in the position you both shared. Ignore all these and forge ahead. The more the disappointment and discouragement comes from unexpected people the more reason you have to take that bold step. Like I say, failure is never determined when there is continuation of effort, failure is determined when you stop trying.

2. Opposition: Everything good in life is always opposed at some points. You can be opposed in different ways. Someone that shares the same dream or goal as yours might just pose as a threat or obstacle to you at a point. Some people can come to you saying they are not OK with the way you are going about things because it is not good for them. That particular thing or space you need to execute your plan might be in the wrong hands at that moment. Your boss, your friend or colleague might see you as a threat in the process, don’t be bothered. Any good thing is worth fighting for to the end. Still keep your plans going, make them choose between joining you or leaving you.

3. Impossibilities in your dreams: What you could be planning might be impossible. It might have been proven by different people in the past that it ends at failure. It might be difficult to achieve in the ears of other people, it might have been the peak of the breakdown of one person’s life. But remember, with every new person picking such task again, is an opportunity to rewrite history. History can be rewritten starting from you, study all the past failures of people who tried and make a difference. Remember out of many that failed, there are still few that made it, what makes you different from the few?

4. Expectations: A particular cash you need to execute your plans might not be forth comin. The expectations of other people from that your success project might be overwhelming to you , you could be given more reasons to quit based on bad turn out every second you try. The truth is, in as much as the word success exists, failure is always by its side to see to it that it is not birthed. Yes, success has a great competition in failure. Have plan A, B, C and so on.

Once your main expectations aren’t coming forth,plan to work with the little possibility you have at hand. As a blogger, I got discouraged at first to forge ahead with my blogging career, because I was limited when it comes to having the necessary gadgets. I didn’t have a laptop or a sophisticated phone. I kept giving my self reasons to not continue, I would be like “I just have to stop this till I get something good to use, how can I post just one post with so much difficulty when some bloggers post 50 per day? How can I create a perfect content when my phone is always freezing? I just need to stop”.

During this period, I would stop only to start again after some weeks. But at some points I thought of it all. This is what will make me unique, what will make me outstanding, what will make my story stand out in the nearest future, I don’t have to lie like some people do when they make it to pull the crowd’s sympathy, I have my beautiful beginning already. I thought of the joy I had after posting just one post, I thought of the fulfilment I get from having something good to do indirectly for people, I thought about the fact that most starting points aren’t really this easy. I found a way to work around my limitations even when I wasn’t getting my expectations, yes I did. With mistakes, with stress, with obstacles, I discovered how to make something perfect out of what I have. And trust me, today, I’m still using an awkward smart phone to blog and trust me, I’m getting my maximum satisfaction!.

5. Fear of failure: Fear is one of the greatest obstacles in achieving success, it will always come. But the funny thing is, Fear runs far from you once you START. The fear is only there to ensure you don’t start and you don’t end it. But most times, it is there for you not to start.

Let me give you an example from the aspect of public speaking. When you want to address the public for the first time, you get nervous, you fidget, you are scared, but the truth is, at most times the fear lies in your lack of preparation or just in your inability to push yourself out and accept the fact that you will be nervous at first, it is normal, but after some minutes you will flow. I personally discovered that the fear only lies in not starting.

Once you start, you would pass the nervous stage at some points and continue, the more you push yourself out often, the more you break that nervousness and fear too. I do this and it work wonders. You don’t have to want to step out and take the lead before you take the lead, all you should ask yourself is “Do I have what to say?”, if the answer is yes, push yourself to the front of the crowd and speak. So also when it comes to success, ask yourself “Do I have something distinguishing to offer?” If yes, proceed. Give yourself the push.

6. Ego: At some points in your journey through success, you might be over indulging yourself in self-appraisal, you start feeling so overwhelmed at times and start believing you can do all these on your own. Pride is normal to set in, you need it once in a while. But don’t take it far, they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I also say “Rome wasn’t built by a man”.

Your helpers can never take more praises than you will get, you are the only one in the position to give them that, but only you get the most recognition, so why get all possessive and self-absorbed. All the scientist known for their works don’t carry the names of their assistants around theirs whenever mentioned, so what are you killing yourself about? Who is taking your glory? So, try to let other people in, you never can tell, they can get their idea of their own starting point from you. But I will say ‘Let only trusted people in’ and trust is not by family or friends, it takes more.

7. Pains you feel in the process: You could get breakdowns on your way, people could accuse you of giving them less attention, you could get deserted , you could be so boring to yourself, but understand that all these are normal. Shaky moments come, they don’t last. It is just one of the test of success. Notify people you would be busy, tell them you care but they will all get the best of you when you push this moment through, tell them “I love you” often. Give yourself a once in a while break by doing things you love. At the end, it will all be worth it.

8. Protocol: One thing about protocols is that they cage us from attaining some distinctions, though they are mostly meant to keep our psychological structure in check but most times, they need to be broken! Yes broken, to get that little sweet extra distinctive taste in your project. I did say break some few harmless protocols but I didn’t say go haywire, smiles. The ends to most things aren’t as hard as how we think they are. Great inventors broke all sort of protocols, there can be no normalcy in invention.

9. Fear of continuation: The fear of being able to continue will set in, ignore it. Tell yourself “let it start and let it have a possibility of continuing first” before you get scared of having a continuation. Life doesn’t come easy always, thoughts will set in, and worries will come, just know they won’t last. Every moment turns in life. Good thoughts will come, just leave a healthy room for them to come through.

10. Fear of losing your sanity: This will come but will also go. I have just this post i made on WhatsApp yesterday to support this. “Normalcy is the new reigning sanity in life , most people with a distinguishing idea are not usually seen as normal or sane . some discoveries are forbidden and a little idea through them offcourse is not normal . You might be destabilized for some time but eventually things will be back to normal” . Remember great inventors of the past weren’t seen as normal or seen with common attitudes.

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